Owning a Swiss-Made Diamond Rolex

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When you speak of luxury timepieces, you think about Rolex. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905, both German, Rolex then was Wilsdorf & Davis, after their names. When Wilsdorf brought their produce to Switzerland in 1908, the brand name “Rolex” was born and through the years, it flourished, and became what it is today.


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Why Should You Own a Rolex?

As expensive as it is, why do people go to lengths to have a Diamond Rolex on their wrist? The truth is that the name and the brand comes with something more. Today, Rolex has maintained its status, even in the midst of its competitors because no one will ever discount the fact that it was the first to come up with a waterproof watch case. It was the first timepiece to receive chronometer certification; it was the first watch to display two time zones; and also the first to have a date on its dial. You want to own a Rolex watch because of the story and value behind the watch.


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Here is a little more history that will make you appreciate the diamond-studded Rolex more:

  • In the 1960s and 1970s, Rolex played a big role in the development of the quartz watch movements
  • In 1931, it gave the world its first self-winding watch
  • It was the first to introduce the genuine waterproof watch
  • It has earned quite a reputation because it is the preferred timepiece of deep-sea divers, mountain climbers, sports personalities and aviator pilots

Owning a Fake Diamond Rolex

If you cannot afford to pay for a very expensive diamond-studded Rolex, then you can move a step back and decide to but a counterfeit Rolex, instead. You have to make sure that you know what you are coming up against though. Do not be fooled into buying a counterfeit when you really want an original. Therefore, it might be smart for you to know how to spot a counterfeit watch.

  • If you are familiar with a genuine Rolex watch, you will know that it does not have a smooth second-hand sweep. It follows eight-movements per second, so if you find a Rolex watch with a smooth movement, then you know you are looking at a counterfeit.
  • Most fake Rolex models will have a transparent back. This is supposed to show the buyer or the wearer the movement of the said watch.
  • You can also expect for a counterfeit to have an engraved logo on the caseback.
  • Recent models of the Rolex watches come with a three-dimensional sticker that is hologram-encoded. A knockoff Diamond Explorer will have a solid green sticker instead of a hologram.
  • There are also fake versions with an almost invisible laser-etched Rolex crown found at the 6 o’clock position.
  • Finally, you will find that the date magnification on a replica model will be a few times larger than that of the original.

Where to Buy a Rolex Watch

If you are determined to own a Rolex watch, you can always find stores that will sell them. But if you want to be able to save good money on your purchase, you can decide to buy your item online. Many people are threatened to buy stuff online, but with the increased security afforded to customers, it no longer is an issue. When you buy online, you can get as much as a 45% discount on your purchase. Online stores are able to afford to give you great discounts because they do not have to maintain a physical location. Their overhead is much less, so their products sell for a cheaper price. It is going to the cheapest and most convenient way for you to have a Rolex watch on your wrist.

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