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Comparing what it means for a watch to be Swiss-Made and to have a Swiss Movement. It is not the same thing.

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Correct Prediction #2:

The Comeback of the Sea-Dweller

The website wrote that when the watchmaker swapped the Sea-Dweller 16600 with the very large Deepsea, it didn’t really triggered much fanfare. Initially, enthusiasts were a little confused but a little while later when they finally figured out that the Sea-Dweller was discontinued, they got quite disappointed. Many fans of Rolex watches would want to see the comeback of the Sea-Dweller which is something of a middle ground between the huge Deepsea and the small Submariner 116610.

They said that they wanted a 40mm Submariner case, no Cyclops on the date, a ceramic bezel, a depth rating of 4000 feet, and a helium escape valve. They also wished Rolex would no longer make engraved inner rings as in the case of DeepSea.

Monochrome’s prediction (more like a wish) did come true and the new Sea-Dweller that was introduced at Baselworld is water resistant to 1200m or 4,000 feet. It also does not have a date magnifier, it has a ceramic bezel, and it has a helium escape valve. Here’s icing on the cake – it does not have an engraved inner ring! The knock-off Sea-Dweller 4000’s case is made of 904L steel and it measures 40mm in diameter. The price: $10,400.

Correct Prediction #3:

Replica Milgauss with Blue Dial

Monochrome in its article wrote that they heard rumours that the Rolex Milgauss with normal sapphire crystal and a black dial will no longer be produced which would mean that the only ones that will remain in the collection would be the Milgauss model with green crystal and black dial, as well as the one with white dial. So they suggested that they should add a model with a blue dial.

Rolex must have heard because they now introduced a Milgauss with blue dial and it has the same sapphire crystal (green) used in the black dial model. The dial has a magnetic hue of blue and it can be seen through the green crystal. It’s made from 904L steel (case) and measures 40mm in diameter. It is priced at $8,200.

But as mentioned earlier, Monochrome was only right by 60%. They made two incorrect predictions as shown here:


Sky-Dweller in Steel

Monochrome wanted that Rolex would make a SkyDweller made of steel. This timepiece is the most complicated of the entire Rolex watches ever made. Rolex has the tendency to first introduce a new watch collection in gold and then a year or two later, they would make a stainless steel version. But it didn’t happen this time with the Sky-Dweller replica. It was a long shot, Monochrome knew this. Rolex did launch new versions of this watch but it was still in gold though it did have a different strap and dial.

Let’s wait and see what’s going to happen in the next Baselworld event. Who knows? Maybe the other two predictions might come true this time around.