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IWC - The company’s name in full is International Watch Co. It is based in the city of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. IWC owns the sole large watch factory in the eastern Switzerland. It is founded by an American watchmaker and engineer, Florentine Ariosto Jones, in 1868. The founder wanted to see how the watch would come out if it is made using the modern engineering technology of the Americans and the watch craftsmanship of the Swiss. These watches are also designed with movements targeted for the American market.

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The company had its first taste of industrialization in 1850 when Johann Heinrich Moser designed and constructed the first ever hydroelectric plan in eastern Switzerland. Jones and Moser worked together to further stabilize the IWC Schaffhausen company’s foundation.

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Bvlgari is mostly famous for its jewelry and luxury goods. However, they are also known for their fountain pens, hotels, accessories, franrances, handbags and various other products. French designer Christian Dior founded the worldwide famous fashion house of the same name, while Mont Blanc, based in Germany, manufactures writing instruments, watches and various accessories. Without exceptions, all three of them manufacture among others, luxurious ballpoint pens and luxurious fountain pens. These pens are not simply disposed when run out of ink, as we are talking about extremely durable pens made of tough and high quality materials. As a matter of fact, there are several people who have managed to use these pens in both aesthetic and functional purposes for years and then passed them to the next generation. It is now perfectly possible for you to own Mont Blanc, Christian Dior or Bvlgari replica pens, which look just like the original one, but costs a lot less.

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Original vs. Replica Pens

In most cases, original pens are manufactured of silver or gold covered with materials that are rather heavy. Thus, when you start using these pens, they would feel kind of big in your hand. Still, it is the preferred choice of businessmen and executives as these pens have an extremely professional look. While most original pens might cost you about $80 to $200, you can still have the much cheaper knockoff versions of Bvlgari, Mont Blanc or Christian Dior pens.

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Shopping for Replica Watches.

Your generosity might come easy to you, but shopping for the right gift doesn’t. You have to think a lot of things through first before you can decide to pick a gift. The following tips will apply:

• Think about the person that you want as the recipient. Think about the likes and dislikes of that person. Adventurous and stylish men would love to have a Rolex Submariner. The watch is a good mix for a person who wants to take on adventures without losing their elegance and style over the mission of these adventures. The Submariner is a classic underwater watch that has been a hit since 1953, when it had its first release. You have to think about the recipient and not yourself because you will not be the wearer anyway. Choose a Rolex that speaks of their personality, lifestyle and other aspects in life.

• Shop now. You can find a Rolex Submariner in various places and from different sellers. But if you can barely pull off a good shopping trip, the Internet can come to the rescue. There are many online stores where you can buy designer watches. Do not be surprised if you can find replica Rolex Submariner or other models in your search. Even these sellers are trying to cater to those who cannot afford the original Rolex.